Values & Partnership Rules

“A man’s character is his fate.” – Heraclitus

We believe in:

1. Honesty & mutual trust

2. Sticking to the plan, objectives & deadlines

3. Excellent work / reliability

4. Implication & care

5. Perseverance

6. Smooth collaboration & feedback

1. Mutual trust & honesty:

Are we idealists? Perhaps. But in our vision there’s no way around the truth that leads to sustainable success.

Numbers don’t lie.

We take on the responsibility to keep you updated with how the marketing / website development / design processes are going.

In the same time, we ask for complete honesty about the marketing & website results, measured in sales.

Hiding the results or only partly presenting them is like cutting the branch below your own feet. We will not be able to replicate and improve what has worked.

2. Sticking to the plan, objectives & deadlines

Straight and simple. Once you loose sight of the mission, you may find yourself just wasting time on details.

That’s why we love making a plan, keeping it in mind and then just following it.

3. Excelent work / reliability

Keeping it simple, we just know what we’re doing. Are you building a startup and you don’t know the whereabouts? We’ve got you. We can take you step by step through marketing, development and even business finance / feasibility in the digital space.

It’s important to know that you’ve got your back covered, even when you’re not looking. That’s why we care about providing reliable services. We constantly offer updates about the progress of your project.

4. Implication & care

We know how busy you are and how there’s always something else popping out. In the same time there are key actions which we must not lose sight of, no matter what.

Like watering the flowers. Constant feedback paves the way for success. Constant updates about the major changes in the business are key (the ones that could have an impact on the marketing / brand / sales).

5. Perseverance

Keeping on doing what it takes until you achieve your goals is crucial.

One keypoint of being able to be perseverent in a successful manner is to constantly evaluate what you’re doing well and what you have to improve. And then actually apply the specific set of actions.

6. Smooth collaboration & Feedback

Let’s face it, the success of our campaigns and development depends mostly on our collaboration. We care a lot about keeping a great relationship with you. And we desire to hear your honest opinion about what we’ve done so far and about what we should be doing.